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GeogridGeogrids have been developed to overcome the bearing limits of many poor and weak natural soils and other mineral construction materials. Geogrid's strength and geometric structure allows for the absorption of shear loads, which avoid destabilization of soft soils, and transmit only the vertical loads to the soft soil at the construction of dams, landfill slopes, base layer strengthening, canal banks, or similar applications.Geogrids are also widely used for the construction of very steep slopes due to space constraints or when a gradient is greater than the internal friction angle of the material available.

We can offer uni-axcial and bi-axcial geogrid in the following rage: 30 to 1000 KN, upon request we can sent detailed project specifications.


Load-bearing layers in road, railway and airport construction
Retaining walls
Slope stabilization
Embankments over piles
Erosion control


Geogrid wall
Basal Reinforcement Slope Reinforcement Geogrid Road


Completion ceremony for the Ground improvement project for Westport expansion. Close to 30 million meter of vertical drain.