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CeTeau Vertical Wick Drain

The most economical Solution for ground improvement

CeTeau manufactures and installs Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVD) to accelerate settlement of soft soils. In combination with surcharge or vacuum pressure the time required to reach the settlement is reduced from years to only months.

"Consolidation you can build on"


Vertical drains are mostly used to shorten the settlement period of soft, water saturated soils. This can thus reduce the construction period of a project, and avoid post-construction differential settlements. By applying a temporary preload on top of the embankment or fill, the consolidation period can be reduced even more.


One Stop Solution

CeTeau provides a wide range of solutions for any project around the world. Together with the customer the most suitable approach is selected for the most challenging projects.

  • Supply of PVD
  • Supply and installation of PVD
  • Supply or rental of PVD installation equipment
  • Specialist PVD equipment for installation in hard soils or with height restrictions

"One of our core competences is soil improvement using PVD"


Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVD), also called Wick Drains, Band Drains or Strip Drains are strips consisting of a polypropylene core wrapped around a non-woven filter. The core is extruded into a shape that transmits a maximum water flow on both sides of the core. The filter is ultrasonically welded together at the edges and will prevent the core from blocking with soil particles.



Ground improvement using PVD is applied in areas with soft water saturated soils such as peat, clay and silty clays. In these soils significant settlements may occur over time because of water draining out of the soil. In addition, increased pore pressure is soils may cause instability of the soil due to liquefaction. Installation of PVD will drain out the water fast to reduce settlements later on and will reduce the pore pressure to prevent liquefaction.


The PVD are installed vertically into the soft soil. This way drainage paths with high permeability are created in the soil. The distance the water must travel is thereby drastically reduced. It therefore only takes weeks or months instead of years for the water to escape. The soil will settle fast and will be capable to support the new loads.


The CeTeau-Drain is installed with an in-house developed high speed installation rig. The installation rig is designed to install 100mm wide PVD. The standard installation rig is hydraulically driven and does not need a separate power pack or other additional equipment.


The PVD runs to the top of the installation rig and back to the ground through a mandrel. First the PVD is fixed to an anchor plate. The mandrel is then positioned above an installation point and pushed to the required depth. On reaching the required depth, the operation is reversed and the mandrel is withdrawn from the soil. The anchor plate locks itself in the ground so that the drain remains fixed at depth as the mandrel rises.


The PVD installation equipment can be fitted with a CeTeau data logger developed to monitor and control the installation of prefabricated vertical drains. The drain logger can register the following information.


The system is USB based, so the stored data can be easily transferred from the data logger to a PC. Licensed software can automatically create the listed data. Graphic display of the soil resistance can be generated for every drain if desired. Optionally the data logger can be equipped with a modem that sends the data during installation to the user. This allows real time monitoring of the installation parameters from any location.


The consolidation time in relation with the hydraulic conductivity of the soil will determine the optimum spacing for PVD installation. Typical installation distance between PVD points is 1.0 to 1.5 meter. The installation pattern can be in square or triangular patterns, but triangular patterns are more effective. To easily calculate the total length of PVD required use the CeTeau PVD Calculator.


To further reduce the consolidation time a temporary pre-load or surcharge can be applied to provide additional pressure to the pore water. This pre-load can consist of available soil. If no surcharge is available at economic rates, vacuum drainage may be considered, where the atmospheric pressure is used as a pre-load. For this CeTeau has developed the CeTeau Vacuo system, or alternatively a geosynthetic membrane with vacuum pumps can be used.

"Total capacity of our factories is 100,000,000 meters per year"


The CeTeau-Drain is manufactured by Geoplast Co. Ltd. in Rayong Province, Thailand and Capital Envoy (M) Sdn Bhd in Shah Alam, Malaysia, both wholly owned by the CeTeau holding.

We manufacture our drains using only high grade polypropylene, which does not contain any additional chemicals that can pollute the soil. The filter jacket is made from specially selected non-woven materials that ensure high tensile strength in combination with a low elongation, so that deformation of the drain at high lateral pressure is kept to a minimum. The filter is available in a wide weight range and can be adapted to the local soil structure.


CeTeau-Drain is produced under a strict quality control process. The production facilities in Thailand as well as Malaysia have been certified to the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems standard by the UKAS-accredited certification bodies AJA Registrars (AJA08/12988) and Global Group  (7556213810) respectively. The Thai plant also operates under ISO14001:2004 environmental management systems standard, accredited by AJA' Registrars certificate No. : AJA13/16511.


Please provide us your requirements and we will manufacture a drain exceeding your expectation.

Main Applications

  • Roads, Railways, Dikes and Airports
  • Land Reclamation
  • Harbor Construction
  • Urban and industrial sites
  • Degassing of landfills


Other Applications

  • Stabilization of slopes
  • De-watering to lower aquifers
  • Vacuum consolidation
  • Degassing of landfills

Data logger information

  • Installation date and time
  • Total number of drains installed
  • Total quantity of drain installed
  • Maximum installation force
  • Installation depth
  • Verticality (optional)


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